Tuesday, December 23, 2008

At War Against Myself

I suppose I set myself up for this dilemma when Aaron and I decided we would let our children believe in Santa.

The problem: Ashton has asked Santa for 1, and only 1, toy -- a "real" Dodge Ram with doors that open on the side and a tailgate that really lifts and lowers. Okay, it is a Fisher-Price type Power Wheels truck. =) But it is still $300!

One side of me wars: Ashton has no concept of money and cost; he is not trying to be greedy; this is an honest desire of his. It is his only request. He talked to the Santa at the mall and told him about this one request. Whenever people ask him what he "wants / what Santa is bringing," (as if they are one and the same) he consistently answers the same way. And of course, as Christmas day gets closer, each day Ashton asks if it is Christmas Eve because he's "really looking forward to the presents Santa will bring." This is the first year Ashton has grasped the idea of Santa bringing gifts and if Ashton doesn't receive his one request, he might resent Santa right from the start. Heaven forbid... ;)

The other side of me wars: We do not have the money. I don't want to go in debt over this toy, for pete's sake! $300 is a lot of money to spend on anybody (not to mention a 3 year-old! )something I've only done a few times.

As I write this post, I think I realize the obvious answer and how ridiculous this is. I suppose it is because I am Ashton's mother and I only want my child be happy that I have let myself get emotionally clouded. This dilemma/worry has really consumed too many of my thoughts during an otherwise peaceful and meaningful Christmas.

Does anybody else have any advice, opinion, or similar experiences from which I can learn?