Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ashton often says, "I don't want Sadie in this house."
At really bad times, he says, "I don't want Sadie in this world."

And I don't blame him because all he is trying to do is play with his toys, but Sadie destroys whatever it is he is working on.

At other times, Sadie will beat up on Ashton and then he'll say, "Sadie doesn't want me in this world any more."

Ashton often asks, "when will God take us to heaven?" Even though I can't answer his question the way he wants, it makes my heart smile to know that he is looking forward to that day.

Lately Ashton's quickest way of getting both my attention and Aaron's is to call us Parents. "Parents, have you heard that before?" Or, "Parents, are you watching me?" Where's the respect in that?! We're working on it..

Ashton seems to have a facination with cracking heads open, blood, hospitals, and stitches. Any time we talk about somebody possibly getting hurt (even the smallest degree), he continues by saying, "and you might crack your head open, blood will spill out everywhere and you will have to go to the hospital and have stitches." One day, Aaron came home from work and asked Ashton what was his favorite part of the day. Without having to think about it, it was when Sadie did something to him and "he almost cracked his head open..."

Ashton is going through a phase right now where he loves him mommy. He implies that he doesn't love daddy. He wants only me to tuck him in to bed, he wants to sit on my lap when we eat (he used to always sit on Aaron's lap), he doesn't like Daddy-Ashy-Sadie days anymore, just Mommy-Ashy-Sadie days (which is highly out of the ordinary), he wants his pile of folded laundry to be next to mine because "I love my mommy. Sadie's clothes can be next daddy's because she loves her daddy." I know he really loves his daddy. And I know it is an honor that he wants only me to tuck him in to bed, but I'll admit -- there are some days I wish he would let Aaron tuck him in!