Friday, January 25, 2008


Forgive the impersonal nature of this blog -- it is more just for my benefit.

Sometime during the first week of January Ashton started wearing "boxers" instead of diapers. All the time. He figured out a way to get up on the toilet all by himself and took the initiative to keep his stepstool right next to the toilet. Off and on over the past year we've asked Ashton if he wanted to go potty on the potty chair and he would say "no" and we would leave it at that. Then January came and he decided it was time! It really happened "just like that." Two weeks later, I finally bought a waterproof mattress pad, and now I'm letting him wear his "boxers" to bed. Potty trained: one month before turning 3.

We finally bought some area rugs for our house, so now we're more inclined to let Sadie spend time on the floor. On January 14th I realized Sadie should be sitting up by now and so I set her up for the first time. Sure enough -- she can sit!
Sitting up on own: 6 months old.

December 11th Sadie got up on all fours for the first time. And for about 5 weeks, she would just shake forward and backward, and maybe fall forward. But this week she actually crawls! Don't get me wrong, she's not fast or anything...yet.
Crawling: 6 months old.

January 24th we woke up and Sadie's first tooth had finally broken through the surface of her gums.
First tooth: 6 months old.