Sunday, January 04, 2009

I Won!

Ha! At least when I war against myself, I know I'll win! (Not something I can always say, like when Aaron and I disagree, etc. hehe)
No, but seriously, I want to put closure to the last post and update those of you who graciously shared your advice with me regarding my delimma with Ashton's Christmas gift wish. I really do appreciate you taking the time to respond. A couple of you suggested that I explain to Ashton that the power wheels gift would be too big for Santa to bring on the sleigh and still have room for everyone else's gifts too. I tell you, I was so beside myself that I wasn't thinking creatively enough and I justed needed you to open my eyes to other options!! This explaination sounded good enough to me! Thank you for your help. :)

When Ashton asked how he would ever get the power wheels toy, I told him that it is probably the type of toy that his mommy and daddy could buy for him, "perhaps for his birthday" (February 20). So we sat down and wrote a letter to Santa with a list of toys that he would be happy to receive, understanding that it is up to Santa to choose what gets delivered.

We put the letter in the mailbox ;) and Ashton got a toy chain saw and a stuffed elephant from Santa for Christmas (among many many other things from others). Since then, I have not heard one word about him not getting the power wheels toy! Yay!! This just goes to show that he has no grasp of how expensive a toy is and that, really, any toy will do.

I learned my lesson. ;)