Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Could It Be?

**disclaimer: this post is less than un-exciting, and is sometimes gruesome; it is mostly for my recollection, and to answer the questions of inquiring minds.**

I couldn't tell you exactly when I first began wheezing, but it was about 8 weeks ago. I had a cold so it didn't surprise me that I was having asthma-type symptoms. But the cold eventually presented a sore throat too, and I was sure I had strep throat. I was prescribed antibiotics and even after the 10 days of amoxicillan were gone, I felt like I needed more -- like I wasn't over the wheezing and sore throat. However, I never went in to the doctor's office again because some days I didn't have a sore throat and the wheezing was never life-threatening.

But after 8 weeks of wheezing and coughing I finally went in to an allergy and asthma doctor. After a couple tests, I was told that my lung capacity was fine and it didn't appear that I was short of breath (funny -- I'm pretty sure I would know)! But I am very allergic to trees and grass (which they identified with the spring and summer seasons), weeds (especially ragweed), and cats. I'm also allergic to dogs (though not quite as badly as cats), dust (and dust mites), and mold (particularly outdoor mold). So I was prescribed Singulair for the asthma and allergies, and another antibiotic since it didn't sound like I am completely over the cold!

So I guess you could say I got a few answers, but they just bring up a ton more questions, like "is there _________ in my house that could be causing me to wheeze and cough"?

Interestingly enough, the timing couldn't be worse for us to suddenly have an atrocious smell permeating our bedroom! It is coming from our clothes and shoe closet area and at first it was a faint smell so I asked Aaron if he would pull all of my shoes out (there are so many shoes that the closet floor is covered and I was scared of what I might find!) and let me figure out if one of the newer pairs of shoes might be made of trees, grass, or weeds (...I'm slowly going organic) that I might be allergic to. Then I realized that I might not be able to smell the shoes (in hopes of recognizing "the smell") since my nose is stuffed up! I jokingly asked Aaron if he would smell them, and he replied with, "how about you get rid of all the shoes that you won't ever wear again and I'll sniff the rest"! I busted up laughing -- now that's true love -- being willing to sniff someone else's shoes!!

Anyway, the shoes weren't the culprit and the smell is worse every day. I seriously think it is the smell of a dead animal. Aaron has looked in all the mouse traps, under our bed, in the garage (which is behind our room), in the storm shelter under the garage, and he peeked into the attic, and we still haven't found the source of the smell! Unless the smell mysteriously goes away, I think the next step is to investigate the air vents leading into our bedroom. About 3-4 weeks ago I swore to Aaron that I heard an animal in the vents, but he convinced me that it was just the sound of the ceiling fan making papers rattle, etc. Other than the vents, the only place left to look is behind the drywall!

So that where we're at now. Maybe there's a dead cat somewhere and as soon as it is taken care of, the smell will be gone AND I'll stop coughing and wheezing! Or something like that...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Life Right Now: A Photo Story

Ashton has gotten really excited by the ABC television show "Wipeout." All day Tuesday he waits in eager anticipation for the 7:00pm show. (In case you haven't seen the show, it's an obstical course which requires the contestants to wear helmets and lifejackets.) Here is my family living it out...every Tuesday evening, and then some. He he.
Ashton greeting Sadie in the morning. If only this is how things were all day... Yeah, right.
Aaron and Ashton tubing this last weekend...
...and Sadie and I.

Here's Sadie after first waking up in the morning. (She's a book lover.)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Our Life Lately

It seems as though either Sadie, Ashton or I (or all of us) have been sick at some point for the last month! I guess it's a good thing I never got around to putting away Ashton's medicine because we're back to needing it again -- he has an ear infection. Right now all three of us are on antibiotics, which is RARE around this house! But we're all alive and otherwise well, so I'm not complaining. =)